Schneider Electric Context XW+ 5548 Inverter/Charger


Schneider Electric Context XW+ 5548 Inverter/Charger


Model #: XW+ 5548 NA

5500 W | 120/240 Vac | 50 Hz (60 Hz)


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Schneider Electric Context SW Inverter/Chargers have a pure sine wave output for a clean AC signal to power your delicate electronics. Economical, efficient, and light-duty, these inverter/chargers are ideal for residential use, and can be used for both an off grid solar power system, or a backup power supply. Models work with either 24V or 48V battery banks, as well as well as two voltage families - a 120/240V split phase voltage for North America, and a 230V single phase model for Europe. All models offer switchable 50/60 Hz output frequency, making it flexible to be used in island nations for example. The modular design makes for an easy installation. Flexible, economical, and user-friendly - perfect for your renewable energy needs!