Breakthrough Solar Cell Technology @ MIT

Could this be the future of solar energy? One day these solar cells may help power our lives. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are currently developing what could be the future of solar energy. Traditional solar cells only absorb a specific range of the light spectrum.

For this reason most solar cells on the market have a maximum efficiency of 30%. Much of the energy from sunlight is lost, while only a small range of the entire spectrum is captured and ultimately turned into electricity. 

Teams at MIT are trying to change this. Their approach is to first turn the energy captured by solar cells into heat and converted back into light, but focused within the spectrum solar cells can absorb.

The technology is still 10 years out and still early in development.  Moreover, there are many barriers this technology will have to have to overcome to achieve practical use.  The main barriers being cost related to the system components.

Read more about this technology at MIT Technology Review.

This is just one of the many approaches teams from around the world are developing.  Solar technology looks to make improvement in efficiency and bring on a renewable energy future.  Do you think this or a related technology could power the future? Tell us what you think in the comments!